Alexandru Săcui

Biography: Alexandru Marius Săcui was born in Romania in 1975. Since the age of nine, he has lived in the United States. Săcui studied graphic design at the University of Cincinnati and is self taught in painting and animation.

Săcui painted a mural for a brewery. He animated the Nosepilot movie which screened in the Rotterdam international film festival. The New Yorker said "nosepilot." Săcui sold 5 of his first paintings to his contact at Tipping Point Media: the client who hired him to create an animation about interior anatomy. He illustrated a Christmas book. He animated footage which interacted with an actor on stage. Săcui did all the artwork for the comic book explaining ethics to the employees of Google. He sold a cement sculpture. Săcui can wake up to paint on canvas and find himself designing a fruit package by evening.

Artist Statement: Making art with the goal of resonating in a meaningful way is a total thrill.

About Us: I love commissions. Collaboration can bring work unexplored depth.